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How to Delete WhatsApp Plus Contact

WhatsApp Plus uses the internet to help us communicate with our contacts, but do you know how to delete WhatsApp Plus contacts? WhatsApp Plus is the most popular chat app with a large number of users. With whatsapp Plus, we can get in touch with many different people. Whether it is a familiar person or a stranger, as long as we have their number we can send them a message. Of course, you also always use WhatsApp Plus to add friends. But you will definitely want to delete your contacts when you have a disagreement with a friend, have a fight with a date or find another job. So how do you delete WhatsApp Plus contacts? You must master this skill, just in case.

If you want to remove WhatsApp Plus contacts from your contact list, simply follow these steps:

  • Download WhatsApp Plus and click Chat.
Delete WhatsApp Plus Contact
  • In the lower right corner you will see a green message icon, click it.
Delete WhatsApp Plus Contact
  • Select the WhatsApp Plus contact you want to delete and open a dialog box.
Delete WhatsApp Plus Contact
  • Click on the person’s name, then you will see an icon with three dots, click on it.
Delete WhatsApp Plus Contact
  • Once opened, a menu will appear where you must select Show in Address Book.
Delete WhatsApp Plus Contact
  • At this point, you can simply select “Delete” and confirm again to delete WhatsApp Plus contacts from the phone book.
Delete WhatsApp Plus Contact

After these actions have been completed, you are asked to update WhatsApp Plus. You will no longer have the deleted contact’s name in your address book.

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