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How to Delete WhatsApp Plus Group?

WhatsApp Plus is all about link or friends, families, or colleagues together, and there’s no better way to do that than by setting up a chat group. Group conversations on WhatsApp Plus make it simple to communicate among friends, share photos, and discuss plans. Sometimes, however, a WhatsApp Plus group must go away for a variety of reasons. Deleting groups is a multi-step process, but unless they are large, deleting them is not time-consuming or difficult. If you are searching for how to delete WhatsApp Plus group, read this entire article. We’ll give you some detailed steps.

delete whatsapp plus group

A WhatsApp Plus group can only be deleted by its admin. Moreover, you must remove each member individually before leaving. Even if you leave or remove the group for yourself, it will still be available to others. If you’re an admin in a WhatsApp Plus group, follow these steps to delete it.

  • Step 1. Fire up WhatsApp Plus ultima version on your device and tap “Chats”, and then tap the group that you wish to delete.
  • Step 2. At the top left corner, tap the word “Group”.
tap group
  • Step 3. Choose a name in the group and tap “Remove from Group” → “Remove” to confirm your option.
  • Step 4. Each group member should be removed in the same manner.
  • Step 5. Once all members of the group have been removed, you can exit the group manually by selecting “Exit Group”.
How to Delete WhatsApp Plus Group?
  • Step 6. The “Exit Group” option will now appear. Tap “Exit Group” → “Exit ” in the prompt orderly to confirm the deletion.

Summing It Up

It is easy to exchange group messages, share photos, lock plans, and share an important workplace, school, or community information with WhatsApp Plus groups. Disbanding a WhatsApp Plus group chat requires that you either create it yourself or be its administrator. If you get confused about how to delete WhatsApp Plus APK group, you can get the directions and guidance right here.

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