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How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp Plus APK?

When you can’t message someone on WhatsApp Plus, you might wonder if they have blocked you. A blocked WhatsApp Plus user cannot get in touch with you or view your messages. There’s a chance the person who may block you has just tightened their privacy settings on WhatsApp Plus, such as disabling the “Last seen” and “Online” statuses. Yes, blocking someone is the best way to prevent others from messaging or calling you in WhatsApp Plus. But, when you are the blocked person, how can you tell?

Unluckily, there is no definite way to find out whether you’ve been blocked, but a few warning signs may help you to see if your hunch is true. Let’s run through the checklist beneath and clear out how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp Plus.

someone blocked whatsapp plus

Check the Last Seen Timestamp

At the top of the conversation, along with the date and time the person last accessed the app, you will typically see “Last Seen” if they are not currently “Online” and the user’s last known location. If there isn’t one, you might have been blocked, but it’s also likely that the person just turned off the feature.
The user’s last seen time and date will appear at the top of the chat if he is not “Online” at the moment. No date or time will appear if you have been blocked, even though they may just disable the feature in their WhatsApp Plus account.

check last seen

Check the Contact’s New Profile Picture

If someone blocked you, you don’t have the right to view the new profile picture. But this is not a definitive method because you can’t tell if they are updating their avatar or not. However, if he is descargar WhatsApp Plus APK for the first time and has been using the software for a short period, this method may not be applicable. Plus, if you know through other methods that they have changed their avatar or that the contact used to update their avatar regularly, and now they have suddenly stopped, this is a blocked hint.

Messages Only Show One Checkmark

Descargar WhatsApp Plus APK, you should find checkmark symbols used by WhatsApp Plus to track your messages. Checkmarks indicate that your message was sent, and the two checkmarks refer to other has received it. You won’t see that second checkmark when you message others who blocked you. It’s likely that you’re blocked if your message doesn’t get delivered when you’re connected to the internet. However, if the app is uninstalled or the recipient’s phone is out of service, you would only see one checkmark.

only show one checkmark

Can’t Add the Contact to Group

Last but not least, try adding the contact to a WhatsApp Plus group. A message that says “you are not authorized to add this contact”, which means you cannot add them to your group is a sure indicator that you have been blocked.

Wrapping up

While there is no tool in WhatsApp Plus that will outright tell you that you’ve been blocked, we’ve shown you some telltale signs you can look for to confirm or ease your suspicions. These measures will come in handy when you wonder how to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp Plus. So, it’s best to check for our guide whenever you face this issue.

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