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How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone? Implement 3 Easy Methods For Dual WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently one of the most-used communication apps worldwide. However, a large user base does not mean that it is perfect. Unlike Telegram, which allows users to quickly switch between multiple accounts within its app, WhatsApp does not offer this feature. Officially, only one WhatsApp account can run on a mobile device.

However, there are always more ways than difficulties, and our article offers a few workarounds so you can understand how to use two WhatsApp accounts on your iPhone.

How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone?

The official rule is that only one WhatsApp account can be connected to one mobile phone number. Before we get into the details of these solutions, it is important to note that the primary requirement for the following methods is that you have a dual SIM phone and that you need two phone numbers to use two WhatsApp accounts. On the other hand, you need to have the WhatsApp Bussiness, Yo WhatsApp, or Parallel Space App feature on your phone. Meeting these two conditions can give you right to utilize two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. Follow the steps, it’s actually quite simple, take a look.

Method 1. Adding WhatsApp Business App for Dual WhatsApp

Many users apply the business-oriented version of WhatsApp—WhatsApp Business to contact their customers. With that, it’s easy to set up a second WhatsApp account on a single phone.

  • Step 1. On the App Store, download WhatsApp Business, and then open it.
  • Step 2. Accept the Terms of Service by selecting Agree & Continue.
  • Step 3. Tap on Use a different number and enter another SIM’s phone number. Touch Done.
  • Step 4. Choose Yes to confirm the number and verify it.
  • Step 5. If there isn’t an earlier iCloud backup, select Skip Restore.
  • Step 6. Choose your business category after entering your name. Tapping on Not a business will indicate that your second account is for personal use only. Tap on Next.
  • Step 7. To begin adding more details about your business, choose Explore. Choose Not Now to carry that out later.
How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone? Implement 3 Easy Methods For Dual WhatsApp

Method 2. How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone by Using WhatsApp Plus

There are mod apps for WhatsApp, like WhatsApp Plus, designed to be a advanced version of the traditional WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp comes with a slew of functions which you may not have even heard of. Many users have reported that this upgraded version of Yo WhatsApp will work better than the original WhatsApp. Smarter, more personalized, and with more privacy settings, it is loved by users worldwide.

  • Step 1. Click on the WhatsApp Plus official download link.
  • Step 2. On your Android smartphone, check if “unknown sources” is enabled, so that you can proceed to install it.
  • Step 3. Launch the app after installation, then update it with another phone number.
  • Step 4. Check the phone number carefully, then start using two free WhatsApp accounts right now.

Method 3. How to Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone by Parallel Feature

If you own a dual-SIM smartphone and it provides the Dual App or App Twin feature, you certainly can own a secondary WhatsApp account.

  • Step 1. Ensure the second SIM is enabled and connected to the Internet before configuring dual apps.
  • Step 2. Navigate to Settings → Apps → Dual Apps → tap on Create.
  • Step 3. Choose WhatsApp from the app list that supports dual apps.
dual apps whatsapp
  • Step 4. Enable the Dual Apps by moving the button. Wait for the device to configure the dual WhatsApp app.
  • Step 5. Tap on the dual app icon in the home screen to open WhatsApp.
  • Step 6. Type in the second number to set up WhatsApp.

Note: These steps are specific to Xiaomi devices. It will differ from smartphone to smartphone as to how this function is named and executed. It is called App Clone in OPPO. In Samsung devices, the feature is called Dual Messenger. If you own a Realme device, this option is named App Cloner.

The Takeaway

According to the above, the app will not allow you to create another WhatsApp account with the same phone number. The program above shows three ways to tell you how to use two WhatsApp in one phone, but it is important to note that for any of these methods, the first requirement is that your device must have dual SIM functionality and two mobile phone numbers. A modified version of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus can provide more functionality than WhatsApp. The other two methods are nothing special and use similar features to parallel features, which may cause the phone to lag. Choosing the right method to suit your needs.

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